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It is imperative to pray for the Christian Church in China. The government of President Xi has torn down Christian Churches and now is imprisoning Christian pastors. Western media, especially here in the United States, will not mention this on air, and very few will mention it in print. But the Chinese government is arresting pastors and tearing down Christian Churches, and the word must spread and Christians need to pray.

I realize it is Christmas time, and everyone is busy with that, however, this is very important. Here are some links so you can read about what is happening:

World Magazine has an entire page with information about Early Rain Church and other Churches in China suffering persecution.

Pastor Wang Yi and his wife Jiang Rong, and about 100 other church members have been arrested:

Pastor Wang Yi knew that arrest was imminent and penned a letter about his reasons why he is suffering under the oppressive Xi regime.

Detained Chinese pastor writes of true freedom


More than 60 police stormed a children’s Bible class–can you imagine that? The authorities have closed Rongguili Church in Guangzhou, a church founded by the late Samuel Lamb.

Some of you may recall that Samuel Lamb was a protestant pastor who suffered 20 years imprisonment for his faith.

China closes church founded by Samuel Lamb

I have a friend who ministers in China, I cannot mention his name here, but remember this brother as he leads several Churches and provides Bibles and other Christian literature to many Christians in China and other areas.

Thanks for your understanding.

Jeff Wingo

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