I was rather surprised the other day when I discovered a video produced by a major world organization which clearly is an attempt at soft alien disclosure. In all reality, I couldn’t believe what I was watching; it is so blatant and upfront with the alien lie, and filled with several layers of subtle meaning.

UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund in Chile recently released a video called “UNICEF Marciano.” I tried several online translators for Spanish, which is the official language of Chile (also, Chilean Spanish), and each time the word Marciano was translated as Martian.  So, what we have here is a video produced by UNICEF in Chile called, UNICEF Martian.

The video also has a subtitle, “No pierdas la oportunidad de aceptar a alguien distinto, no pierdas la oportunidad de que te cambien la vida,” which translates as, “Do not miss the opportunity to accept someone else, do not miss the opportunity to change you(r) life (again, Google Translate).

Here is the video, which will be followed by my commentary:

This video is used under United States laws of Fair Use, for educational and discussion purposes only. It remains the property of UNICEF.

As you can see, UNICEF Chile has chosen to use an alien-looking child, apparently the UNICEF Martian, in the video to teach the acceptance of others who appear different. While that is obviously a good message, they could have taken a traditional approach and just used a human child. But, they chose an alien theme, and used a “star-child”  instead.

The Earth children are shocked at the appearance of the alien boy, and at once begin to tease and taunt him in various ways. That is, until the alien boy uses his spiritual powers to levitate three Earth children who are participating in a play. Once that occurs, the Earth children accept the alien child, and he becomes part of the group, and is a central figure in a class photograph. Clearly his “differentness” has set him apart from the others, and the children of Earth fully accept, not only the fact that he is an alien being, but his supernatural abilities as well.

But did you catch the hint of the fall of man? Did you see the forbidden fruit provided to humankind by the reptilian-appearing being? Obviously, our entire race fell because Adam and Eve followed the lies of the Serpent, a fallen reptilian creature, disobeyed God, and ate the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In the video the human girl drops a pencil. The alien boy picks up the pencil and hands it to the young human girl. She takes the pencil, which is covered with some kind of green substance; this substance appears to ooze from the hand of the alien child. Is this a hint, winking at the Scriptures, which describe an alteration of the human genome through the illicit activity of the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

When the alien boy picks up the pencil and hands it back to the human female it is covered with a green genetic substance. Does that act symbolize Genesis 6 in this video? For it is in the book of Genesis, where we first learn that the Sons of God took human women and not only rewrote, but corrupted the human genome with their own DNA. This evil act on the part of the Fallen Ones resulted in the creation of the genetically hybrid monstrosities called Nephilim. Is it possible that the fallen pencil represents an alien attempt to correct, or rewrite human genetics; to restore fallen humanity, to pick up the pencil and rewrite the story with a new ending, resulting in a new kind of human: a Neo-Nephilim?

According to this New Age website, the color green, which was on the pencil, hints at healing and fertility, again, shades of Genesis 6. Indeed, this video shouts Genesis chapter 6.

Next we see the alien boy at lunch. He sets down beside a human boy. The alien child then gives his human friend a piece of fruit. Is it a coincidence that the fruit is an apple, which historically represents the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Notice also that the apple is not red or green, but an indigo color.

The color indigo is significant because of its symbolic importance in various occult traditions. Indigo, or more specifically blue, is associated various other deities and represents immortality and perfection.

According to one New Age website “Indigo (which I think is the color of the apple in the video), is associated with psychic ability. In healing, use indigo for relaxation, reassurance and promoting psychism. In the aura, indigo signifies a seeker, often of spiritual truth.”

It is clearly no coincidence that after the alien child gives the human boy the indigo apple, the next scene is where the alien child uses his psychic powers to levitate the children on stage. Notice also, in the stage scene, the children are in a play with a wizard, or magician, who is also seen wielding a magic wand (anointing one child with the wand), and the background of the stage has TWO trees–does this represent the Garden of Eden with its two trees, the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Does the magician represent “God” the creator, and the reptilian alien boy with god-like powers, the coming of the Serpent to correct the “mistakes” of God through the way of gnosis, or hidden knowledge; in other words, to lift mankind to a higher level of knowledge or consciousness through occultic god-like powers? After all, the Serpent told Eve that if she ate the fruit she would become like the “gods,” knowing good and evil, in other words, the forbidden knowledge of the fallen angels would be gained through the rebellious act of disobeying God.

What really surprised me about this video is that it apparently has the approval of the Vatican.  On the 21st of April, 2015 at the Vatican, and in the presence of Pope Francis, Anthony Lake, the Director of UNICEF, and the deputy president of CONMEBOL, a South American Football Confederation, signed agreements supporting a Chilean educational program called Scholas Occurrentes; this is all supported by the Pope.

This video was apparently put together by UNICEF and CONMEBOL with the full support of the Vatican. The “alien” content of this should not be a surprise then, considering some of the statements that have come from the Vatican about baptizing aliens, calling aliens “brothers,” etc. Here we have a program supported by Pope Francis creating a video intentionally made to introduce children to the alien lie.

It’s no wonder the Vatican needs more exorcists as this kind of worldview will introduce, and reinforce, a belief in extraterrestrial alien beings, which are in fact, fallen angels; the devils in disguise.

Of course the naysayers will howl and cry that I have misinterpreted this video, or misrepresented its intent. In both cases it is not my intention to misrepresent anything. But, I do think this video, and its subtle message, should be exposed for what it is. In my opinion it is an attempt to normalize in the minds of all people the importance of accepting the alien lie when the Vatican chooses to reveal it to the world.

Jesus told us that many false prophets and false Christs would come to the world with supernatural powers so incredibly capable of deceiving even the very elect, those saved or born-again. We should be aware of this kind of emotionally charged propaganda in these last days.

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