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If aliens are real, and if they have been visiting the Earth for years as many people claim, have you ever considered the morality of their actions? If you have, then you may have come to the same conclusions that I have, or maybe not; it all depends on your view of the alien and UFO phenomena. By that I mean, are they extraterrestrial beings or do they represent the nefarious presence of something else that is indigenous to the Earth?

Let’s consider for just a moment the alien abduction phenomena. The typical abduction generally follows a classic pattern: a person wakes up in the middle of the night (or similar circumstance), realizes that another presence is in the room, tries to move but finds to their horror that they are paralyzed and cannot respond or escape.

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The aliens then take the person aboard a craft, or to a circular well-lit room, place them on a table, and then proceed to do all kinds of traumatic things–usually procedures that resemble a crude, cruel, medical examination.

For those who may not know, this experience may be repeated for years, sometimes from childhood into the adult years. It can bring trauma, fear, and torment to an experiencer; some people can move on from it, others cannot, and some people have even died because of the resulting stress and anxiety. Does that sound like something an advanced extraterrestrial race of beings would do to a less advanced civilization?

UFO researcher and writer Jacques Vallee had this to say about the abduction experience:

“The reported interaction with the occupants of the objects is absurd and their overtly ‘scientific’ experiments are crude to the point of being grotesque. The ‘medical examination’ to which abductees are said to be subjected, often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation, is reminiscent of the medieval tales of encounters with demons. It makes no sense in a sophisticated or technical framework: any intelligent being equipped with the scientific marvels that UFOs possess would be in a position to achieve any of these alleged scientific objectives in a shorter time and with fewer risks.” {2}

The point is that alien abduction is much more than what it appears on the surface. According to Vallee, there are too many UFOs and too many encounters with alien beings.

“Careful analysis of the reports shows that there are many more landings and ‘close encounters’ than would be required for a survey of our planet.” {3}

In other words, there are too many UFOs and aliens if these really were visitors from the stars. According to Dr. David Jacobs approximately 2 percent of the American population have experienced alien abduction or an abduction like experience. {4} Worldwide we are probably looking at millions of people–and that is just too many people for this to be a phenomenon caused by an extraterrestrial source.

According to the figures of Jacques Vallee, the number of worldwide UFO landings within a 40 year period would exceed the 14 million mark! Armed with this astounding number of extraterrestrial landings, which would naturally include human/alien contact, Vallee ask a rather insightful question:

“The question to be answered is: What objectives could extraterrestrial visitors to the earth be pursuing, that would require them to land 14 million times on our planet?” {5}

Dr. Vallee then makes this rather insightful statement:

“It should be kept in mind that the surface of the earth is clearly visible from space, unlike Venus or other planetary bodies shrouded in a dense atmosphere. Furthermore, we have been broadcasting information on all aspects of our various cultures in the form of radio for most of this century and in the form of television for the last 30 years, so that most of the parameters about our planet and our civilization can be readily acquired by unobtrusive, remote technical means. The collecting of physical samples would require landing but it could also be accomplished unobtrusively with a few carefully targeted missions of the type of our own Viking experiments on Mars. All these considerations appear to contradict the ETH.” {6} (ETH refers to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis).

In other words, there are simply too many UFOs and too many aliens for the phenomena to be of extraterrestrial origin. Because of this Vallee argues that “Whatever the supposed ‘Aliens’ are doing, if they actually perform what appear to be shockingly crude and cruel simulacra of biological experiments on the bodies of their abductees, is unlikely to represent a scientific mission relevant to the goals of extraterrestrial visitors. The answers may have to be sought in other directions.” {6}

This begs the question: If there are too many UFOs and too many abductions, and if what they are doing doesn’t make any sense from either a medical or scientific standpoint–WHAT ARE THEY DOING?

Vallee refers to UFOs and alien activity as a “control mechanism” that is being used by a hidden intelligence to mold and shape (or guide) human behavior. I agree with his assessment that the phenomena is a control mechanism that is being used for those purposes.

But I must also say here, before I proceed any further, that Dr. Vallee would probably not agree with my conclusions–that the UFO and alien phenomenon is caused by the nefarious activity of fallen angels, and that it is being used by these unseen powers to guide human belief to a satanic endgame. Right or wrong, that conclusion is mine based on years of research and my study of Bible prophecy.

With that said, here are my conclusions based on my understanding of the phenomena. The following in no way represents the opinions or writings of Dr. Jacques Vallee.

Given the facts that alien abduction is a very intrusive and traumatic experience, I have come to the conclusion that it represents evil in a most dramatic way. As I state in my book, Alien Antichrist, many abductees “suffer extreme anguish at the hands of alien captors; and many victims also experience traumatic sexual exploitation and even rape. The aliens seen to be obsessed with human reproduction and with the collection of human genetic material such as ova and sperm. We must keep in mind that strange and obscene behavior on the part of the aliens did not just begin within the last fifty years–the fallen angels have been doing this for thousands of years (Genesis 6:2), “the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” {7}

“This passage of Scripture may be describing something more than just marriage. The Hebrew word translated into English as took also means to “seize, snatch, carry away, take possession of, to capture.” {8} What we may be dealing with here is not marriage, but abduction.

“Think about this: considering the history of alien abduction, if the aliens are a technologically advanced civilization then why do they seem to think it is perfectly fine to act and behave like cosmic barbarians as they kidnap, rape, and terrorize human beings–both adults and children? Advanced beings do not act this way–but demons do.” {9}

The aliens have a long history of interaction with mankind, and that history tells a very strange and frightening story–that the aliens represent the activity of fallen angels, and it is very evil and wicked.

Rape is a very evil act to commit against someone, whether men, women, or children. Alien activity of this kind perpetrated against human beings proves that the aliens are sinners of the vilest kind. They also use spiritual power to manipulate and deceive the human mind–all to fulfill their wicked endgame. Many victims of alien abduction suffer extreme mental anguish and torment for years after alien contact.

We are being sold a bill of goods regarding alien contact–I don’t care if every government on the planet offers up official alien disclosure–it is evil, and will lead to the destruction of the human race. If the Vatican, which is so enthralled with the prospect of alien contact these days, offers open and official alien disclosure–DONT FALL FOR IT–IT IS THE LIE AND THE STRONG DELUSION THAT THE APOSTLE PAUL WROTE ABOUT.

Because they refuse the truth most people will believe the lie:

For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.  And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:  Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,  And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.  2 Thessalonians 2:7-12
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