About a week ago I was talking to a Christian pastor about my book and the changing nature of the spiritual war. He thought it was interesting, but basically just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I know he is a good man, and a great pastor for the church that he serves, but that is an example of the mindset of the church today. Most Christians seem totally oblivious to the spiritual war, and it almost seems as if they really don’t believe the prophecies of the Bible. And when it comes to real paranormal activity they really haven’t a clue. In other words, they don’t believe that anything is going to change in this world. Many Christians in the United States are totally clueless as to what is happening in the Christian community in other parts of the world. I think that they believe things will continue as they are–and as long as their belly is fed, and their bank account is ok, and their church is functioning along then everything is fine and dandy, and in this mindset they think that is an indication of the blessings of God.
I have news for them that they don’t want to hear. Bible prophecy is moving along linear time and it is going to begin to take place whether or not they believe or even care.
The hand of God is too evident in the world and past prophetic fulfillment is an indicator that future things as prophesied will come to pass. The Dragon will fall from the heavens just as written in the Bible. Just look at the world–Christian persecution in the Middle East and in other places is increasing due to despotic governments and the Islamic beast. Israel is becoming isolated (especially by the policies of our current regime in the U.S.). Pestilence is ravaging Africa at the present; famines and drought are increasing, world economies are slugging though massive inflation, etc. All of this is going to converge one day and the prophetic hammer is going to strike the anvil. Once that happens the spiritual war will drastically change; the Dragon and his fallen angels will become manifest on the earth and begin to fulfill an ancient endgame. That endgame is an insane attempt by Satan and his forces of evil to prevent the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. When they do manifest, the alien delusion will kick into high gear and the entire world, all seven plus billion people, will see and touch the fallen angels who will play the alien delusion for all its worth. This is the strong delusion of the end times that Paul wrote about. We have been set up for a massive spiritual deception and the alien myth is just another piece of the endgame. Are you ready for what is about to take place?
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To be continued…

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