I was recently reading an article on entitled, “Should Humanity Try to Contact Intelligent Aliens?” By Leonard David,’s Space Insider Columnist. It is an interesting article and discusses the possibility that our search for intelligent life should go from “passive” to “active.” In other words, instead of waiting for alien life to contact us we should reach out with (radio signals) to broadcast our presence to specific exoplanets that we know exist.
This is very controversial because of the possibility that if we do make contact that alien life may come to earth and result in our downfall as has happened many times on earth when a superior society overwhelms an inferior culture; i. e., the Conquistadors and the Inca civilization.
What if Active SETI beams a signal at a specific exoplanet and gets an answer? What if contact is made and then that superior civilization informs us that they are sending a delegation to meet with us? If that were to occur life on Earth would never be the same!
I personally believe we are alone in the vast universe. God created the earth with a specific purpose in mind and that purpose was to demonstrate His glory and Sovereignty to the intelligent life that does exist in the universe.
There is no contradiction here–there does exist in the universe a superior race of beings and the Bible calls them Angels. Both fallen and unfallen angels dwell in the spiritual dimension and travel between the dimensional realities of heaven and earth.
Since we know that the last days will be a time of great spiritual deception is it possible that fallen angels will mimic a signal and pretend to be alien beings?
If they do will the scientist on earth be duped into believing that they have made contact with an alien civilization on one of the exoplanets? It is a very good possibility. The implications for our civilization on Earth are staggering to say the least.
You can read more about this possibility in my new book “Alien Antichrist: The Terrifying Truth about UFOs and Aliens, Antichrist, and the End of Days.” You can find the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at other fine bookstores.
Jeff Wingo
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